About the authors

has been a journalist for fifty years. She has worked at Fairfax Media (now owned by Nine Entertainment Co), Channel 9, SBS, and has published in many independent publications. She was the Professor of Journalism at University of Technology Sydney (UTS) and a Director of the Australian Centre for Independent Journalism. Bacon pioneered the teaching of investigative journalism in Australia. She is on the Board of the Pacific Media Centre and Pacific Journalism Review. Bacon has been an environmental activist since the Green Bans days of the 1970s and is a lifelong opponent of political censorship. She was a Director of the Global Environmental Journalism Initiative, a consortium of eight Australian and European universities. She has published extensively on climate change media including two projects, “Sceptical Climate” Parts One and Two. She has a blog at wendybacon. com.

Arunn Jegan recently worked with Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) as a Country Director and Co-ordinator for Emergencies. He is also the Permanent Facilitator for the emergency public health course at Epicentre in Paris. Jegan has worked in Afghanistan, Yemen, Syria, Venezuela, Bangladesh, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, and Turkey in senior management positions for international NGOs. He specialises in social research, conflict/political analysis, complex project management, and humanitarian crisis coordination of public health emergencies. Jegan co-ordinated an environmental health intervention for MSF in Dhaka, Bangladesh in 2017 and managed the research and analysis of the 2011/2013 “Sceptical Climate” projects, parts One and Two.

The authors wish to acknowledge that this work was produced on the land of the Gadigal people of the Eora nation. Their land was never ceded.

Research credits

Research Advisor: Chris Nash

Graphic Design: Amber Macpherson

Coding and other research: Geoff Bartlett, Raul Vera, Janet Kossy, Walter Medenbach, Julie Pierce, Warren Yates, Raul Vera, Lynn Papadopoulos, Ian James, Kathleen Mackie, Anne Fedoson, Adam Burrell, Dr Coral Wynter, Gabi Duigu, Brian Osterio, Guy Tarento, Bonny Vogelzang, Shannon Slight & Jacqui Sykes

Content and design conversion for web: Hanifa Abdiraihan

This independent research was commissioned by GetUp members as an update to the previous research by the authors in 2011 & 2013 on behalf of the Australian Centre For Independent Journalism at the University of Technology Sydney. The responsibility for the design and execution of the project remained solely with the authors. The authors would like to thank GetUp, especially Ed Miller, Anusha Muller and Alix Foster Vander Elst for their collaboration, support, and the development of the initial scope of the research.

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